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Xiuyan is a landscape designer with a background in agriculture.

She is currently in the MLA program at RISD and expected to graduate in summer, 2022. Her design strongly focuses on the features of sites, using design as a tool to promote people-place relationships. She is interested in ecology, botany, and space making. Web design is a new hobby.

The software she commonly used are Arc Map, Rhino, Sketch Up, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

Landscape Projects

Phillipsdale High-tech Bird Sanctuary

This project is based on a site with heavy industrial history. Part of the land is filled with slags and there is also pollutant area covered with concrete cap. We carefully transformed it into a bird-friendly sanctuary for seeing its merit in location and natural resources.

RIBBON GARDEN_Rain Pond Contemplative Garden & Erosion Control Plan

RISD_LDAR2252_Plants:Botany & Ecology_Fall2020_Xiuyan Qin

Perceive it! _the view collector

RISD_ LDAR_ POP UP STUDIO_ Xiuyan Qin_ Ziyu Wang Instructors_ Courtney Goode_ Zoe Mueller

A celebration of fantastic views around the Innovation District Park, Providence, RI.

Prelude plaza

RISD_ LDAR_2204_Constructed Landscape _ Providence Downcity Planning (group work_ Mohan Wang, Chenjie Zhang, Xiuyan Qin) & Urban Open Space Design (Xiuyan Qin) _ Insturctor_Jacob Mitchell & Mike Blier

A relaxing open public space as a prelude and an ending for intense shopping experience in the nearby commercial avenues

A signature place where people can meet up

An extensional venue for the Waterfire Festival

Experimental projects

Folding Topography

Step Stool

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Seekonk River

Living in Providence

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Phillipsdale_ Project Narrative

中文笔记_ 本科

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